Latest Thinking in Weight Management

Being overweight or obese increases the risk of a many serious illnesses.

Mysimba® is not indicated for these conditions

Life expectancy is reduced by an average of 3 years in an adult with BMI of 30-35 kg/m² and by 8-10 years in an adult with BMI 40+.1

In a systematic analysis of clinical trials with outcome data observed for at least 2 years, it was found that a 5% reduction in weight has health benefits for those patients “at risk” from their obesity.2

Obesity is a complex, multifactorial disease – a wide range of factors can promote the positive energy balance that leads to obesity. Some of these factors include:3

Homeostatic (hypothalamus) and hedonic (reward system) pathways, are two central nervous system (CNS) pathways that play a key role in the regulation of hunger and reward-driven eating behaviour.4

Obesity adversely affects the health of patients and requires intervention


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