The Collision of Two Pandemics: Obesity and COVID-19 with Dr Michael Crotty

Dr Michael Crotty graduated from UCD in 2005 before completing his internship in St Vincent’s University Hospital and a basic surgical training scheme in the Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin. He completed 4 years of General Practice Training in the South East Scheme (Kilkenny/Waterford) and worked as a GP for a number of years before moving to Edmonton, Canada in 2014. While in Edmonton he worked in General Practice and had the opportunity to specialize his clinical practice in Bariatric Medicine. He was the founder and Clinical Director of the Synergy Weight Management Clinic and an active member in Obesity Canada. He returned to Dublin in September 2019 and is in the process of establishing a medical weight management service in South County Dublin.

He was recently selected to participate in the SCOPE Leadership program – an international collaboration run by World Obesity.

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Chapter 1 Dr Michael Crotty – Introduction

Chapter 2 Obesity – the Statistics

Chapter 3  Obesity and COVID-19

Chapter 4  Obesity – the how and why

Chapter 5  Bodies response to weight loss

Chapter 6 Diet and Exercise

Chapter 7 Assessment of Obesity

Chapter 8 Obesity – starting the conversation

Chapter 9 Management of Weight

Chapter 10 Summary

Chapter 11 Prescribing Mysimba® – Considerations

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